We met twenty-seven years ago on a college trip. As high-school students from different states, somehow we connected on a campus basketball court and we’ve been friends ever since. We counseled at summer camp and attended college togethCamper. He often traveled to my home in Denver and I went with him to his home and family in Abilene and Dexter, Kansas.

Life rolled on and we both got married and started our families. Occasionally, we’d get a chance to connect. He would take a trip to Denver. We would stop by on our way through Kansas. As my wife and I and our four boys were traveling to raise prayer and financial support for a new church plant, we stopped and crashed at their house and had a wonderful time.

But we’ve had our hard times too.

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I was blessed to participate with Anthony Grimes and the Fellowship of Reconciliation in seeing this video come to fruition. I long to see a land that loves and welcomes the refugee and the immigrant. Let’s give them rest.



Friends In The Fray

I’ve recently finished reading one of Christianity Today’s books of the year, a biography on George Whitefield by Thomas Kidd. Whitefield was one of America’s most prominent itinerant preachers. I plan on writing a bit about what Kidd brings to light about this notorious evangelical. Kidd is making the claim that George Whitefield was the headwaters out of which modern evangelicalism flows which makes for an interesting perspective. If Kidd’s thesis is true, it has positive and negative implications for our movement.

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We are engaged in the largest civil rights upheaval since the 1960’s. The events in Ferguson, New York, and in many places we’ll never hear about have ignited a nation. My desire is to encourage sympathetic white people to use their voice and influence for change at this crucial time.

Sadly, I am not speaking to the majority of white Americans. According to Pew research, fully 60% of white adults do not believe race played a role in the Brown killing. Even after Garner, 48% of the whites do not believe race played a role in that case. I’m not sure what that group needs to see to be convinced, but it is what it is. I am speaking to 18% of the white population who believed race played a major factor in the Garner case, 16% who believed it was a minor factor, and 18% who don’t know.

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