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An Unlikely Group: Rival Gangs, Victims, Pastors & Community Leaders Meet

“I love it when the community can change the narrative of what this would look like,” Pastor Jason Janz with Providence Bible Church said. “People who may not have understood each other listened to each other’s stories with respect.”

Hundreds March In Support of Denver’s Homeless Population

“These are our citizens and they deserve respect, dignity and a place to stay,” said Jason Janz, who helped lead a march from Coors Field to the Denver Rescue Mission in support of the city’s homeless.

Why Juneteenth Should Be Celebrated By All

“Juneteenth is a celebration of freedom and equality, values that every American should embrace. Just because the peak of the civil rights movement has passed does not mean that racial tension in our community is gone.”

East Side Peace March Draws Mayor, Police Chief, Ex-Gang Members

Photo by Sam Levin

Photo by Sam Levin

Before the mayor took the megaphone, Jason Janz, a pastor at Providence Bible Church, said that residents of Denver need to take the lead in fighting gang violence.

“The ultimate solution is, we need leadership. We have a crisis of leadership in solving the problem,” he said, giving shout-outs to the Gang Reduction Initiative of Denver and the Prodigal Son Initiative. “True leaders move a community forward and that destination has to be reconciliation.”

My Journey In Leading a Multi-Ethnic Church

Pastor Jason Janz of the three-year old Providence Bible Church in Denver, CO, shares of the church’s journey to multi-ethniciity and answers live Q&A.

Ministry After Mary Jane

The buying spree may have slowed since its first week, but the church is thinking about how to respond to the new multimillion-dollar industry.

Willie Mosley Seeks Relief For Community

Pastor Jason Janz, who directed the program, also was trying to engage more black men to take an active role in the community. Mosley jumped at the opportunity and indicated a particular interest in addressing local youths.